Aberdeen Burgh Registers of Apprentices

The Aberdeen Burgh Registers of Apprentices survive from 1622 to 1878. They are not a comprehensive list, and show those who were apprenticed to Burgesses in the burgh. With the assistance of our volunteer, Christina Leech, we have produced the following indexes.



These indexes cover from 1797 to 1878. The first two sets include the date, name of apprentice, name of who he was apprenticed to, the trade and the cautioners (those who were intended as guarantors should the apprentice fail to keep up the terms of his indenture). The third shows the date, the name of the apprentice, and the trade. Each index shows the page number of the original volume, in which further information may be found. 

Please note that this index is from January 1797 only. An index of earlier indentures, from 1622 to 1796 can be found in published pamphlets, available in our searchrooms, at Local Studies in Aberdeen’s Central Library and from the Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society. 

The volumes are held in our Town House office, though we do offer a research service if you are unable to visit us in person. Please Contact Us for further information.

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