Great Aberdeen Run - Resident FAQ's

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Sunday 25 August 2019.

On Sunday 25 August 2019, The Simplyheath Great Aberdeen family run starts at 09:00am and the 10km and half marathon run starts at 10:30am. 

All races will start and finish on Union Street in the heart of Aberdeen’s city centre. 

You can view the full runners route below;


Street Name From - To Closure Time Re-opening Time
Albyn Place from Carden Place to Union Street 06:30 15:30
Accommodation Road From Esplanade to Park Road 06:30 14:45
Balgownie Road from Ellon Road to Scotstown Road 06:30 14:00
Beach Access Road from Esplanade to Park Road 06:30     14:45
Brig o’ Balgownie     from Cottown of Balgownie to Don Street         06:30 14:00
Carden Place to Albyn Place via Queens Cross roundabout 06:30    15:30
Cottown of Balgownie from Balgwonie Road to Brig o’ Balgownie 06:30 14:00
Don Street from Brig o’ Balgownie to St Machar Drive 06:30  14:00
Ellon Road (North & South bound) from King Street to Parkway Roundabout 06:30   14:00
Elphinstone Road     from St Machar Drive to Meston Walk 06:30   14:00
Esplanade from York Street to Ellon Road     06:30    12:15 / 14:45
Gallowgate from Gallowgate Roundabout to Upper Kirkgate  06:30   15:30
Golf Road from Park Road to Pittrodie Street 06:30   14:00
Harrow Road         from King Street to Don Street   06:30   14:00
High Street           from Meston Walk to St Machar Drive 06:30   14:00
King Street    Road        from St Machar Drive to Ellon 06:30  14:00
Marischal Street from King Street to Regent Quay     06:30  12:15
Meston Walk from Elphinstone Road to High Street 06:30   14:00
Mounthooly Way   from Seaforth Road to Gallowgate (Underpass) 06:30    14:45
Park Road       from Golf Road to Seaforth Road   06:30    14:45
Prince Arthur Street        From Carden Place to Albyn Place 06:30   15:30
Regent Quay     from Trinity Quay to Waterloo Quay       06:30   12:15
Rosemount Viaduct    to Skene Street   06:30     15:30
Schoolhill     to Rosemount Viaduct    06:30   15:30
Seaforth Road     from Park Road to Mounthooly Way     06:30  14:45
Seaton Park        From Don Street to the Chanonry    06:30    14:00
Skene Street         to Carden Place 06:30    15:30
St Machar Drive      from School Road to Bedford Road (roundabout) 06:30  14:00
Underpass below Mounthooly Roundabout     06:30   14:45
Union Street       from Queen’s Cross Roundabout to King Street   04:30   18:00
Upper Kirkgate    from Gallowgate to Schoolhill   06:30   15:30
Waterloo Quay     from Regent Quay to York Place     06:30     12:15
York Place      from Waterloo Quay to York Street   06:30   12:15
York Street        
from York Place to Esplanade  06:30   12:15

*Streets which only access road is detailed above will also be landlocked during the above times.

Yes, Aberdeen City Council will be cleansing the streets within the route before any road re-opening can take place and event site after the event has taken place.

The PA systems will be located along Union Street at both the start and finish locations as well as within Union Terrace Gardens Broad Street. There will also be a number of small PA units on the route of the race. 

The start/finish PA system will begin at 8am.

The small PA systems on the course will begin at 9am (10k) and 10:30am (northern half marathon section).

Yes, the route will include a number of different bands, charity cheering points, musical entertainment and of course, plenty of supporters along the route. 

Local access will be maintained across the course until 8.30am.

Yes, all blue light services are permitted to travel through any road closure on the race course. 

Please do not park your vehicle on the route as this could be uplifted by a vehicle uplift company. Please park on a street off the course to prevent this from happening to your vehicle. 

The following car parks are open on Sunday 25 August
•    Frederick Street Multi-storey
•    Denburn Multi-storey
•    West North Street – accessible from West North Street only
•    Virginia Street
•    Bon Accord Square
•    NCP Aberdeen Shiprow
•    Bon Accord Loch Street 
•    Mall Trinity 
•    College Street 
•    Union Square 

The following car parks are closed on Sunday 25 August
•    Marischal College Multi-storey
•    Harriet Street
•    Chapel Street*
•    Summer Street*
•    Golden Square*
•    Gallowgate*
•    Donmouth Road*
*Inaccessible from 6.30am until 3.30pm

For full map please see:

See road closure map below, please note that Mounthooly and Queens Cross roundabouts are open and can be used to get around the city. 

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