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Aberdeen has a unique culture, where traditions of the north-east flourish alongside contemporary creative activity. Aberdeen City Council recognises the intrinsic value of the arts as well as the benefits a strong cultural sector brings by improving the wellbeing of citizens, attracting tourism, and encouraging new businesses to trade in the city. 

Creative Funding awards 2023-24 

The Creative Funding programme offers cultural organisations with not for profit status, community groups, charities and individual artists or creatives the opportunity to apply for support to develop and/or deliver creative activity.  
This year’s funding has been awarded to 17 Organisations and 2 Individuals.

New Creative Funding Pilot Seed Funding Opportunity 2023-24

This pilot funding opportunity is to offer support to organisations in Aberdeen who work with underrepresented individuals and communities and who have not received Creative Funding previously or in the last 5 years, for example since 2018/19. It is to fund small scale events, workshops and innovative ideas with or for underrepresented individuals and communities.  

Organisations must have not-for-profit status, such as a registered charity, volunteer association, social enterprise or community interest company. Commercial or for profit businesses are excluded.  

There are 6 Awards available, and organisations can submit one application in this round for a maximum of up to £2,500. No match funding is required to apply. 

How to apply 

Please download the application guidelines and the application form below. Please email to arrange an advice session to support you with your application. 
Please read the guidelines and general advice before completing your application form.  

If you require further support or translation of a document into Gaelic or another language or if you require BSL support. Please contact A translation would take 5 working days.


Application deadline  

Creative Funding Applications close on Sunday 15th October 2023 at midnight. 

Reporting documents


Creative Funding- Pilot Seed Funding advice sessions 

We offer advice sessions to give applicants an opportunity to discuss their individual application with a member of the team. Please contact

Culture Aberdeen  

Aberdeen City Council is a partner in Culture Aberdeen and endorses the Culture Aberdeen 10 year strategy for culture. This strategy was developed by the Culture Aberdeen network, made up of organisations who deliver and facilitate cultural activity in the city and Creative Funding is part of Aberdeen City Council’s commitment to delivering on the aims and ambitions of the strategy. 

Culture Aberdeen: cultural strategy 2018-2028 | Aberdeen City Council 

As the strategy is intended to shape the development of Aberdeen’s cultural offering, it is expected that projects funded through Creative Funding will contribute towards the Ambitions listed in some way. 

Applicants should consider this when developing their proposals and look at how they are best placed to use their skills, expertise and creativity to deliver these aims for Aberdeen.  

Aberdeen has five  key aspirations for the development of culture and creativity in the city. 

Ambition 1, releasing our creativity. Our vision for Aberdeen is a city opening doors, where everyone can be transformed and inspired through engagement in the arts and culture; a place releasing our creativity.

Ambition 2, becoming Scotland’s creative lab. Our vision for Aberdeen is a city to experiment in, a home, a place, a destination and testing ground for artists, creative enterprises and new ideas; a place which has become Scotland's creative lab.

Ambition 3 making all the city a stage. Our vision for Aberdeen is a city which inspires, where exciting cultural experiences are around each and every corner and where there are no creative boundaries; a place where all the city is a stage.

Ambition 4, connecting us to the world. Our vision for Aberdeen is a city like no other, where we celebrate and promote our culture and heritage, the things we make and create, a place where culture connects us to the world.

Ambition 5, shaping our future. Our vision for Aberdeen is a city whose cultural sector is growing in ambition and confidence with a strong collective of cultural leaders collaborating to realise the city’s potential; a place where the arts shape our future.


A condition of award is the proper accreditation of support in all marketing and communications as appropriate. Please download a copy of our brand guidelines and crest below. 

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If you require a white ACC logo or eps file, please contact us at the email address below. 

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