Top five tips for completing your application form

  1. Have the job advert and job profile handy to ensure you’re always referencing the job requirements.
  2. Gather all the relevant information about yourself (work experience, qualifications and referees details) in one Word document before starting an application form. This means you can concentrate on tailoring your application to the job you’re applying for, rather than trying to remember key dates.
  3. Tailor your examples to ensure you’re always providing evidence to show how you meet the requirements of the role you’re applying for.
  4. Write your application in Word or another program first then when you’re happy with it, paste it into myjobscotland – but remember there is a 3800 character maximum (around 850 words).
  5. Double check your application (or ask someone else to check) to ensure it’s free from any spelling and/or grammar errors, and to make sure what you’ve included is relevant to the job you’re applying for.

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