Request a home safety check or stairgates

Aberdeen City Council is committed to ensuring that our community lives as safely as possible in their own homes.

Your home is the place where accidents are most likely to happen and therefore everyone should be aware of the dangers so that these accidents can be avoided.

Homecheck, supported by the Common Good Fund, offer a free service to any family with a child under the age of 24 months and the elderly or disabled.

Our services are available to everyone living within the Aberdeen City area.

The Homecheck team provide basic home safety advice and installation of safety equipment for residents absolutely free of charge whether they are owner occupiers, council or private tenants.

The team can offer assistance with the following:

General safety

  • Visual check for safety.
  • We check the condition of the microwave oven door for emissions.
  • We check smoke alarms, where fitted, and either install or replace any defective/missing unit that we find.
  • We supply and fit new batteries for smoke alarms. (We may refer occupiers to the Fire Service if they have excessively high ceilings or if they wish a detailed house inspection)
  • Will tidy or attach telephone wires to skirting boards if they constitute a trip hazard or any other minor task, which can improve home safety for the occupant.
  • Fire guards can be provided if required.

Child safety

  • Home visits with advice on potential hazards/sources of danger.
  • A maximum of two safety gates fitted for internal stairs and one gate for a flatted property for households with children up to 24 months of age.

Safety and assistance for the elderly or disabled

  • Internal and external grab rails.
  • A service to replace any light bulbs which require the climbing of a ladder or excessive bending (bulbs not provided).

The team does not replace trained health professionals who do have access to qualified trades people however are able to carry out tasks to make the home a safer place for the householders.

We may refer occupiers to the Fire Service if they require a more detailed fire risk assessment of their home.

Contact details

Homecheck Team
Aberdeen City Council
Kittybrewster Depot
38 Powis Terrace
AB25 3RF

03000 200 292

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