Private sector leasing

What is private sector leasing?

Private sector leasing is a way for Local Authorities to lease properties from private landlords. Properties sourced from the private sector are commonly used to fulfil a Local Authority's legal obligation to provide temporary accommodation.

Aberdeen City Council is currently looking to lease properties in the Aberdeen area. All property sizes and types are currently considered.

  • Guaranteed rent – the rent is guaranteed even if the property is unoccupied;
  • The rent paid will not drop during the term of the Lease, even if the market rate does;
  • No letting or management fees;
  • Regular visits to the property;
  • Repairs service provided.

Where a Landlord is interested in joining the Private Sector Leasing Scheme they are to contact the Private Sector Leasing Team to arrange an initial consultation.

If you have any queries regarding the Private Sector Leasing Scheme please contact us:

01224 522 149 or 01224 522 128

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