Unauthorised occupants

If a report of an unauthorised person occupying a council property is reported to the Area Team, the Housing Assistant will carry out an investigation.

If an unauthorised person is occupying the tenancy without the permission of the Council, then we need to establish where the tenant is and whether they have given permission

This investigation will include a visit to the property. If the Housing Assistant fails to get access to the property or to the tenant then he/she will make enquiries with neighbours and various agencies to try and establish the whereabouts of the actual tenant.

If the unauthorised occupant is occupying the property with the permission of the tenant, then it will be necessary to establish the reason for this and whether permission should/can be granted, if not it may be necessary to consider legal action to repossess the tenancy.

If the unauthorised occupant is occupying the tenancy without the tenant’s permission then legal action will be taken to recover the tenancy or have the occupant removed.

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