Tenants Hardship Grant

The Tenant Hardship Grant is targeted at any individuals or households facing homelessness as a direct result of rising cost of living.

Criteria for grant:
•    It only covers arrears accrued as a direct result rising costs from 23 March 2020.
•    Landlords must demonstrate that they are complying with the pre-action requirements and agree not to progress a repossession on the basis of cost-of-living and/or COVID-19 related rent arrears where a grant is paid. 
•    The tenant(s) must demonstrate that they are meeting current rent repayments, or that they will be able to meet future rent payments and any agreed repayment arrangements.
•    The landlord must be a local authority, a Registered Social Landlord (RSL), or registered on the Scottish Landlord Register.
Any grant award will be paid directly to the landlord and will be subject to agreement of the conditions within the offer later. 
Applications can be made via the form below.  Completed forms and additional documents should be sent to HousingAccess@aberdeencity.gov.uk. 


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