Furniture leasing scheme

Who is eligible?

The Furniture Leasing Scheme (FLS) is available to all tenants of Aberdeen City Council.

The FLS is intended to help households equip their tenancies with essential household items.

The underlying principle recognises that the provision of furniture/white goods will contribute to the sustainability of otherwise vulnerable tenancies, thus reducing the likelihood of recurring periods of homelessness.

The following goods are available through the Furniture Leasing Scheme:

  • Single bed
  • Double bed
  • Cooker
  • Microwave
  • Fridge
  • Washing machine
  • Carpets
  • Sofa
  • Armchair
  • Curtains

You may choose the items you prefer from the above up to a maximum of:

  • £750 for individuals
  • £1100 for families

The service charge will be £1.55 per £100 of goods. For example – goods of £750 = service charge of £10.85 per week; goods of £1100 = service charge of £17.05 per week. For those on benefits, the service charge is eligible for Housing Benefit.

A service charge will be applied to your rent account and on acceptance into the Service you would take on the responsibility for the general care of the goods supplied.

Essentially, you will be renting these goods and they will never become your own property.

The furniture should be delivered to your flat within three days of signing up for your tenancy. Carpets may take longer.

Talk to whoever is helping you with your application as soon as possible and they can help you complete the application.

You need to formally sign for the service charge for the furniture at the same time as you sign your tenancy agreement. It can't be done after the tenancy agreement has been signed.

Sample Packages

Example 1

  • Single bed and mattress: £112.00 
  • Cooker: £205.93 
  • Under-Counter Fridge: £106.43
  • Two seater sofa: £208.87

Total: £633.23 (weekly charge: £9.30)

Example 2

  • Double bed and mattress: £147.98 
  • Cooker: £205.93
  • Under-Counter Fridge: £106.43
  • Two seater sofa: £208.87
  • Washing Machine: £177.38
  • Carpet - Living Room (1 bedroom property): £100.00 
  • Carpet - Bedroom (1 bedroom property): £100.00
  • Vinyl - Bathroom: £100.00

Total: £1146.56 (weekly charge: £17.05)

Example 3

  • Fridge Freezer: £169.85
  • Two seater sofa: £208.87
  • Curtains - 46 inches x 90 inches £45.00
  • Carpet - Bedroom (1 bedroom property): £100.00 

Total: £ 523.72 (weekly charge: £7.75)


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