Access to Housing and Lettings

At Aberdeen City Council we aim to provide applicants with fair and open access to our housing lists and allocate our properties in a manner that awards reasonable preference to those in greatest need. Balancing the needs of our applicants, with allocating our properties in the shortest time possible and keeping empty properties to a minimum is paramount to meeting the demands placed on the Council's Housing Service at this time.

On 31 March 2016, there were 7060 applicants on the housing register with 88% (6191) of these requiring general need housing. The remaining 12% (869) require either amenity, sheltered or very sheltered housing.

On average, the Council received 295 new applications for housing each month. Due to the housing options approach now taken, the volume of applications received has fallen by approximately 40% during the last 2 years

84% of the 1142 statutory homeless households assessed, qualified for permanent accommodation.

At 31st March 2016 Aberdeen City Council had a lettable stock of 21,535 properties, comprising of:

85% (18296) of dwellings are being used for general need housing and 15% (3239) for special need housing (amenity, sheltered and very sheltered).

During the year, 1676 new properties became available for relet, representative to an 8% turn-over rate.

On average there were 356 properties available to let at any given time throughout the year providing the capacity to house approximately 5% of applicants on the housing list.

A total of 3,522 offers of housing were made to applicants throughout the year, of which 1707 (48%) were refused or withdrawn

The main reason given for refusing an offer was no response to letter (8%)

There were a total of 1,717 permanent re-lets completed in the year, with 537 lets made to special need properties (sheltered/very sheltered/amenity) and 1,180 made to general need properties.

40% (690) of lets were allocated to waiting list tenants.

28% (470) of lets were allocated as transfers among existing tenants

32% (557) of lets were allocated to homeless applicants.

  • Since the committee decision in October 2015 approving a raft of recommendations and a comprehensive voids transformation action plan, significant progress has been made. Most notably, has been the reduction in the voids available for re-let which has fallen from 399 to a low of 184 properties on 20 June 2016 , a huge 54% fall on that initial number recorded in October. This is the lowest number of voids available for re-let since 2012 when the average over the 6 months to September was 183.

  • Re-let times are showing an improvement, but due the length of time some voids have been available, especially hard to let low demand properties, this time is still above the target for 2016/17. It is perceived that over time and with the success of the Special Lettings Initiative and Choice Based Letting that these times will fall away.

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