Keeping you safe

Aberdeen City Council works with communities and partner organisations to improve outcomes for every city resident, not just in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, but at all times.

Our purpose

To protect you, your family and community by maintaining public services.

Our principles 

The safety of the public, our communities and our staff is our top priority.

We will work in partnership with communities and other organisations to help ensure positive outcomes.

We will use innovation, with a focus on digital technologies to maintain services for the benefit of the people of Aberdeen.

To ensure that we are positioned to maximise the recovery of Aberdeen both in terms of people and the economy from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our strategic aims

To provide strong leadership in times of crisis.

To keep the people and communities of Aberdeen healthy and safe from harm.

To provide direct support to those who have been particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

To protect vulnerable adults and young people.

To maintain high quality home learning for school pupils through digital interventions, ensuring no child or young person is disadvantaged.

To continue to pursue green solutions to protect the environment and meet or surpass our statutory obligations.

To support our city centre and local business through our City Centre Regeneration programme and our Socio-economic Rescue Plan.

To be responsive to the communities we serve and to our staff at all times.

Our actions

Working with the Scottish Government and NHS Grampian to support communications around the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Ensuring that decision-making continues to be democratic and transparent through digital interventions in supporting Council committees.

Communicating change to our audiences in a timely and effective manner through all our media channels.

Investing in low emission technologies and encouraging recycling to protect the and enhance the local environment.

Tackling socio-economic inequalities through strategic partnerships.

Supporting the expansion of Early Learning and Childcare provision through a multi-million investment in new learning settings.

Working towards Aberdeen becoming a Unicef- recognised Child Friendly City where the views of children and young people underpin our decision- making.

Helping our young people, including those who are care-experienced or vulnerable, reach positive destinations upon leaving school.

Building thousands of new and environmentally sustainable council homes across Aberdeen.

Continuing to invest in new digital technologies to maintain services in challenging economic times for the city and region while providing greater convenience and choice for service users.



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