Commercial biomass and CHP installations

Concerns have arisen in recent years over the potential impacts from particulate emissions (PM10) associated with the increased uptake of biomass and combined heat and power (CHP) plants. We strongly advise you to contact the Environmental Health service if you are planning to install a biomass or CHP facility.

We will discuss the proposed location and design with you to ensure any impacts on air quality are effectively controlled, that there is no impact on health, conflict with the Council's ability to meet our air quality objectives and no nuisance to local neighbours.

You should provide specific details of the proposed installation by completing the Biomass Boiler Information Request Form. Further information is available in the Biomass Installations Policy.

Biomass installations in or near Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) will general not be supported unless it can be demonstrated that the change in annual mean nitrogen dioxide (NO2) or particulate (PM10) concentrations will be negligible.

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