Apply for a primary school place

All children who will reach the age of five on or before the start of the new school session in August 2018 should begin to attend primary school in August 2018. Children who reach the age of five after the start of the new school session in August 2018, but before the last day of February 2019 may also be enrolled for primary school in August 2018.

How to apply

You should visit your zoned primary school between 11 January and 19 January 2018 to enrol your child. 

To register at your zoned primary school, please take your child's birth certificate and two forms of proof of address to the school with you. Items accepted as proof of address are a current Council Tax bill, plus one of the following items: 

  • Signed tenancy agreement
  • Personal tax P60 
  • Tax pensions letter
  • Benefits letter - income support, housing, council tax or Disabled Living Allowance
  • Proof of purchase of property that the family will be resident in (i.e. a signed letter from solicitor confirming purchase and confirmed entry date). 

To register a child for a Roman Catholic school parents must also provide their child's RC Baptism Certificate.

All parents must enrol their child into their zoned school before submitting a placing request form, to ensure that their child has a primary one place for August 2018.

Placing Request forms are available at Aberdeen City Council, Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen or by visiting the Placing Request webpage.

Alternatively call the School Placements Team on 03000 200 293.

Deferring entry to primary one

Parents of children who reach the age of five after 21 August 2018 but on or before 28 February 2019 should be aware that they may choose not to enrol their child at school until August 2019.

Children with August to December birthdays are not automatically entitled to an additional year of early learning and childcare, a place will only be provided by the council where there is a sound educational reason to defer. Requests are considered by a panel in February 2018. The staff at your child's early learning and childcare centre will help you to complete a request form.

If parents choose to defer entry to Primary School and the child has a January or February birthday, the child will be guaranteed an early learning and childcare place in his/her deferred year. Parents need only complete a standard application form.

Early entry to primary one

Parents can request early entry to primary school. The Authority does not normally admit children who are five after the February 2019 closing date.

Applications for early entry to primary one are considered by the Head Teacher of the school you have selected. They will assess the child's ability and aptitude on behalf of the Authority but must consider wider issues including whether the primary class can suitably meet the needs of the child.

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