Additional support for learning

ASL Parents' Forum

The ASL Parents' Forum meets three times each school year. The meetings are an opportunity for parents and carers of children with additional support needs to come along and meet other parents and carers, as well as education professionals. The meetings are informal with a shared agenda.

Meeting dates

Thursday 24 May 2018

1:45pm: Tea and coffee on arrival

2pm-3pm: Meeting

This meeting will be held at:

Northfield Academy
Granitehill Place
AB16 7AU

For further information and to confirm attendance please contact the Inclusion Team:

  • 01224 523580

Support for children and young people with Additional Support Needs

All primary and secondary schools provide interventions for children and young people with additional support needs. The Authority also maintains a range of support services such as Educational Psychology, Sensory Support, English as an Additional Language and Autism Outreach. A very small number of children may require access to a more specialised provision for a period of time or access to a Special School Placement.

The Authority is committed to inclusion and the Presumption of Mainstreaming, as set out in the Standards in Scotland's Schools etc. Act 2000. 

Parents have a right to make a placing request for special school provision. In the case of a placing request refusal regarding special schools, parents have the right to make a referral to the Additional Support Needs Tribunal for Scotland (ASNTS). For further information about the tribunal and making referrals, see the ASNTS website. Placing request forms should be submitted to the Head of Inclusion.

Staged Intervention

Schools operate a staged approach to supporting learners. The Staged Intervention Framework is used to help identify potential barriers to learning and participation, and plan effective interventions. Each stage is characterised by the level of individualisation, specialist knowledge or resources required to enable the child or young person to be successful.

Key features of the Staged Intervention Framework include:

  • an emphasis on inclusion with early intervention in the most effective and least intrusive way;
  • early and meaningful involvement and participation of the pupil and parents in the process; and
  • effective, efficient and equitable targeting of resources.

Support for learners aged 5-18 years is categorised as follows:

Universal support: support delivered by the class teacher through effective differentiation. When appropriate the class teacher will be guided by other professionals in school with particular expertise.

Targeted support: support delivered by the class teacher and other school staff. When appropriate, support will be provided by support services across Education and Children's Services.

Specialist/ Multi-agency support: support delivered by the school and others. This may be short term and help identify effective means of the learner being fully included again. In exceptional cases learners may be supported in another provision.

Contact details

If your enquiry relates to your local school please contact:

Lesley Stopani
Service Manager Inclusion
Business Hub 13
Second Floor North
Marischal College
Broad Street
AB10 1AB
01224 523580

If your enquiry relates to our Inclusion Review please contact:

Eleanor Sheppard
Inclusion Implementation Manager
Additional Support Needs
Business Hub 13
Second Floor North
Marischal College
Broad Street
AB10 1AB
01224 523580

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