Voting Accessibility

The Returning Officer takes all reasonable steps to provide support for disabled voters at polling stations. 

Remember if you cannot or do not wish to vote in person, you may apply for a postal or a proxy vote – Absent Voting - Grampian Assessor & ERO

To ensure polling places are accessible:

All polling places are wheelchair accessible

All polling booths have one section accessible to wheelchair users

Staff wearing ID badges so they are easily identifiable to offer help when needed

 Large print ballot papers are displayed and available to view

Tactile voting decides are available, to enable blind and partially sighted voters to mark their ballot papers independently

Magnifying glasses are available to increase the size of text on ballot papers or written guidance

Pencil grips to attach to pencils when marking your ballot paper (you may bring your own pen or pencil if you prefer)

To assist you, you can take your phone into the polling booth to use magnifier or text-to-speech apps, or the phone torch to improve lighting. Please inform the Presiding Officer if you will be using these before you go to the polling booth.

Support in the Polling Station

The Presiding Officer and polling staff are there to help and support you vote. They will have ID badges so you can easily identify them. They can assist by:

  • Explaining the voting process
  • Providing the tactile voting device and explaining how it works
  • Reading out the candidates’ names and parties in the order on the ballot paper
  • Mark your ballot paper for you if required
  • You can choose anyone who is over 18 to accompany you in the polling station to help you vote, including carers who may not themselves be eligible to vote at the election. 

Both Presiding Officer and/or the person assisting you to vote is required to complete a declaration form at the polling place before they assist you. They are bound by the

Requirement of Secrecy and cannot disclose how you voted.

Please let polling staff know if you need any additional support whilst at the polling station.

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