Community Council elections 2021

Elections to Community Councils are held every three years. The next elections will take place in October 2021. 



Why join a Community Council?

How do they work?

  • They usually meet once a month to discuss the issues of current concern in their area, particularly major planning applications and steps to improve our local environment.
  • They contact and are contacted by relevant agencies to put forward the views of the community which involves collating views from members of the community, including individuals, families and groups.
  • They discuss and negotiate solutions to local issues and concerns.
  • They attend meetings with relevant groups, liaise with City Councillors and officials.
  • When necessary they campaign on big issues of local concern.

Community Council achievements

  • Production and distribution of newsletters to keep the community informed
  • Organising community gardens and floral displays
  • Supporting local galas and festivals
  • Setting up and managing websites and other social media
  • Clean up activities for their area
  • Securing funding for local projects
  • Influencing planning and licensing decisions
  • Campaigning on local issues e.g. road safety, roads maintenance

Who can be a Community Councillor?

Community Council candidates must be named on the current electoral register for the Community Council area in which they reside as a local government elector.  The minimum age to stand for election as a Community Councillor is 16 years of age and we encourage young and older to get involved. 

Does this sound like something you could get involved with?  Why not join your local Community Council to get involved with improving your community.

Scheme for the establishment of Community Councils

The current Community Councils remain in post until 7 October 2021. The Scheme and Boundaries for Community Councils have not been amended since they were approved in 2018.  


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