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Community Council elections 2018

Elections to Community Councils are held every three years. The next elections will take place in October 2021


Election results 2018 - Garthdee Community Council

Number of Community Councillors to be elected Percentage Poll Number of Rejected Ballots Quota of votes required for a candidate to be elected 
12 8.4% 5 22


Candidate's Name 

Number of 1st Preferences 

Arthur ALLAN 17
Irene Margaret BUCHAN 19
Benjamin ESPINDOLA 7
Thomas MALCOLM 34
Robert MURCHIE 8
Andrew Greig MURRAY 26
Paul Joseph O'CONNOR 108
Emma Yvonne PAGET 20
Elizabeth-Anne PONTING 6
Robert Strachan PRESTON 4
Hilda O. SMITH 11
Anh Huong VU 0
Sandra WILSON 4


After application of the election rules, I declare that the following are deemed to be elected as Community Councillors for Garthdee Community Council.

Candidate's Name

 Stages at which candidates were elected

Arthur ALLAN 10
Irene Margaret BUCHAN 2
Benjamin ESPINDOLA 10
Thomas MALCOM 1
Robert MURCHIE 10
Andrew Greig MURRAY 1
Paul Joseph O'CONNOR 1
Emma Yvonne PAGET 2
Elizabeth-Anne PONTING 10
Robert Strachan PRESTON 10
Hilda O. SMITH 3


Scheme for the establishment of Community Councils 2018

The current Community Councils remain in post until 24 October 2018. The 2018 Scheme and Boundaries come into effect for the election process and become fully operational from 25 October 2018. The new boundaries have been updated in preparation for the elections.

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