Bucksburn Swimming Pool Focus Groups

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We want to ensure that stakeholders have a fair and equal opportunity to have their say on the impact the closure of Bucksburn Swimming pool has had on individuals and communities.   

As part of the consultation there will be focus groups to provide a further opportunity to share information on the impact of pool closures.

Focus groups will be groups of 8-10 people and hosted by Corporate landlord staff.

Focus group questions will be set in advance and available to ensure that conversations are productive and informative for all attendees, offering time to process information and respond. The questions will mirror those in the online and printed survey.

Discussion within the focus group will be about sharing, listening, and capturing the impact of the closure. It will not include discussion about the decision made to close the pool or the judicial review, focus group facilitators will keep the conversation on track.

Each focus group will have three bookable sessions held on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd November at the Beacon Centre.

To view the available Focus Group sessions and to book a place, click on the links below.



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