Union Street and nearby streets

The city centre, and Union Street in particular, faces challenges because pavements are not wide enough to accommodate the current 2-metre level of physical distancing.  

We are concentrating on Union Street and nearby streets first as they have the highest footfall in the city, and we have been getting these measures in place before shops reopened in of the easing of lockdown restrictions, as more people are likely to be returning to these areas then. We are also working with café, restaurant and pub owners in these areas who might want to open temporary outdoor seated areas. 

Traffic around the centre has been re-routed to free up carriageway space for pedestrians, cyclists, and businesses. Access continues to be provided to the city centre car parks as well as for residents and businesses. Access to the carparks at Bon Accord Centre and M&S/Marischal Square is also maintained.

We have moved Blue Badge parking bays from Belmont Street to the nearby and off-street road beside Robert Gordon’s College – this map showing where Blue Badge parking is around the city centre may be helpful:Open configuration options

Please see map below showing where the bus stops are, and which routes serve the stops. 

Here’s the works we’ve carried out so far on Union Street and nearby streets, and these are being tweaked or changed as we continue thanks to feedback from the public and businesses:  

  • Pedestrianise the section of Union Street from Bridge Street to Market Street
  • Installation of a bus gate – which means service buses, taxis and cyclists only are allowed - on Union Street from just after the Adelphi to the Market Street junction  
  • Pedestrianise Upperkirkgate/Schoolhill from Flourmill Lane to Back Wynd 
  • Businesses can get deliveries from 6pm to 10am in the pedestrianised sections 
  • The blue badge parking bays have been moved from the Belmont Street area to the inset road beside RGC 
  • Rose Street - west lane is pedestrianised, allowing for safe physical distancing and queuing at retail and takeaway premises.  Includes pavement extensions. North-bound only traffic lane has been installed, with left in only from Union Street and right turn only from Rose Street to Thistle Street (no progression north along the remainder of Rose Street).  Loading lane/area to the east to be short stay (max 20 minutes) parking to allow pick-up/drop-off. 
  • Thistle Street is one way from Thistle Lane to Chapel Street. Loading area available for short stay (max 20 minutes) parking for pick-up/drop-off. 
  • Chapel Street - west lane is pedestrianised, allowing for safe physical distancing and queuing at retail and takeaway premises. South-bound only lane traffic lane has been installed, accessed by right in only from Thistle Street. Exit to Union Street controlled by signals. Loading lane/area to the east (former taxi rank) to be short stay (max 20 minutes) parking to allow pick-up/drop-off. 

Businesses in the temporary pedestrianised areas can get goods delivered from 6pm to 10am. There are also 20-minute loading bays at the top of Schoolhill, and the top of Belmont Street. There is also access between these times for residential deliveries/removal vans. 

Motorists are asked to plan their journey in advance to avoid Union Street, and not carry out any journeys crossing the city centre. So, for example, if they live in Garthdee and are going to the Bon Accord Shopping Centre, use the bypass or Anderson Drive to go around the city centre and then in to the shopping centre’s Loch Street car park via Westburn Road or Great Northern Road.

Here’s a map showing the public and private under cover, and surface, car park in the city centre which are open:

People can give feedback either via the online physical distancing measures consultation at physical distancing measures consultation.

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