Sheltered housing

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and to ensure the health and wellbeing of our tenants, Aberdeen City Council’s Housing team, Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership and Bon Accord Care are working together to monitor and manage the spread of the virus.   

With that in mind, and in response to local and national guidance, the following measures are taking immediate effect within Aberdeen City Council’s sheltered and very sheltered housing complexes: 

  • Common Rooms – all common rooms will be closed, and any activities that normally take place in buildings will cease  
  • Dining rooms – complexes that have dining rooms where lunch is served for tenants will also close.  Arrangements will be made to deliver these meals to tenant’s properties where required and information will be available on accessing community meals 
  • Visitors – following similar advice Health Protection Scotland have issued to care homes, we are advising that tenants not invite unnecessary visitors into the complex until further notice.  
  • Social Distancing is being advised to reduce the social interaction between people and  help reduce the transmission of Coronavirus. 
  • Housing Support from Bon Accord Care – there will be a reduction in staff present within complexes as partners continue to deal with the outbreak. However, residents can still access assistance via the community alarm function within properties.   
  • Repairs – Only emergency repairs will be undertaken within communal areas and tenant’s properties.  

Housing staff will still be available to offer advice and assistance to tenants and can be contacted by email or telephone.

Contact details will be displayed on communal noticeboards and the Senior Carer will be able to provide this information.  

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