Route map for easing lockdown restrictions

The Scottish Government has published a "four phase" route map for easing lockdown restrictions in response to COVID-19. 

Phase 1 started on 28 May, 2020, with the lifting of some restrictions. This will be a gradual process.   

Aberdeen City Council will publishing information about what the new measures mean for services on this page in response to evolving government guidance. 

It is important to note that physical distancing and hygiene measures remain in place.  

Phase 1

What will happen now that Phase 1 of the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions has started? 

The Scottish Government has outlined what the legal requirements of the first phase of the reopening will entail. This includes: 

  • permitting people to use public outdoor spaces for recreational purposes
  • permitting of meetings of two households outdoors and with physical distancing
  • changes in guidance to allow for the planning of schools returning (see FAQ on Education and Childcare)
  • permitting outdoor workplaces to resume with physical distancing measures in place following guidance approval
  • permitting the gradual opening of drive through food outlets and garden centres with physical distancing
  • permitting outdoor exercise adhering to physical distancing measures
  • permitting the gradual resumption of key support services in the community subject to appropriate physical distancing and hygiene measures

What role will Aberdeen City Council have to play?   

Local authorities, Police Scotland and other bodies have a central role to play in the implementing of the easing of restrictions and local authorities are central to the reopening planning and consultation process. This will continue during the four phases of easing the lockdown but with a move from rules and regulations and enforcement to a more consensual approach with the public being asked to respect guidance. Enforcement measures will remain and the focus of Trading Standards and Environmental Health officers will be on restrictions on those businesses that cannot yet open and physical distancing measures for those that can.   

Who do I report breaches of physical distancing to? 

Police Scotland has sole responsibility under the regulations for dealing with restrictions on movement and public gatherings. Breaches such as mass gatherings should be reported to Police Scotland (telephone 101).  

The HSE remains the regulator for premises including manufacturing, construction, waste and sites subject to major hazards legislation. Enquiries about working safely to protect people from Covid-19 at work can be raised with HSE 

The Council is the main regulator for retail, wholesale distribution and warehousing, hotel and catering premises, offices and the consumer/leisure industries.   

What are the physical distancing requirements that businesses are required to put in place? 

All businesses and services must ‘take all reasonable measures’ to ensure: 

  • 2 metres is maintained between any persons on the premises (except for members of the same household or persons and their carers)
  • They only admit people in sufficiently small numbers to make the 2m distance possible
  • The distance in any queue to enter the premises is maintained 

What would constitute a breach of the regulations? 

For retail business, breaches would include a failure to maintain one or more of the measures outline above. A business which opens despite being specifically prohibited from doing so by the regulations would also be a breach.   

How do I report a business breaching compliance? 

If you have concerns about a business in Aberdeen that is not complying with physical distancing as detailed above, you can report your concern via our online form 

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