Public places FAQS

This is planned for 29 June.

Park toilets are to remain closed to the public. Toilets will be open when it is safe to do so and in accordance with government guidance.  

There are many benches across our green spaces and there are no current plans to stop the public using them subject to the public adhering to the national guidance on physical distancing. These benches may be welcomed by some members of the public who require to rest during their walks, exercise etc. 

Yes. Along with grass cutting, the tree squad, mechanical street sweeping and manual litter picking, invasive weed spraying and the Countryside Rangers team are set to start back to work.  

The public will be expected to respect physical distancing rules. All work starting back will be one-person operations i.e. ride on mowers, mechanical sweeping and litter picking. Services and tasks have been risk assessed and changes have been made to depot layouts etc to ensure physical distancing and safety of staff as per government guidelines. 

Grass cutting and some grounds maintenance has resumed at multiple locations. Our teams are working through the backlog but because the grass is very long it may take 2 or 3 cuts until we achieve the standard everyone wants to see. It may be that this year some areas cannot be cut. 


The priority areas are parks, road verges, cemeteries and sheltered housing. We want green spaces well used by the public to be safe and accessible. We have started work on the large areas that lend themselves to being managed in a more natural way, which includes leaving grass but cutting paths and edges. 

We aim to start back with the house garden maintenance programme. We will look to undertake as many cuts as we can before the end of the season.  

In line with government health guidance during lockdown, staff stood down were sent home. A number of staff volunteered to help out in other service areas where work could be carried out in line with guidance. The number of staff returning to work will continue to increase over the coming weeks as plans are put in place for a safe return to frontline duties. 

To manage travel demand and adherence to physical distancing, the  Council is to roll out temporary measures for city streets to allow people to walk, cycle, and queue for buses and shopping. Measures are being designed to support the NHS guidance on physical distancing and include pedestrianisation, pavement widening, temporary bike lanes, and one-way walking systems; for more information read plans for city streets


The process of re-opening buildings is under review to consider various issues including physical distancing, government guidance and the wellbeing of staff and customers. 



There will inevitably be delays to the completion of construction works due to the pandemic.  We will not know the impact of the lockdown until our contractors are able to assess their works, the impact of the lockdown and the working constraints related to maintaining physical distancing to carry out work tasks. 

Relaxation of restrictions on accommodation providers (including hotels) is scheduled for Phase 3 of lockdown easing. Further information will be published on our route map webpage once updates have been published by the Scottish Government. 

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