NHS Grampian Covid-19 Vaccine: P&J Live FAQs

The Scottish Government is keen to maximise the amount of people attending mass vaccination centres in Scotland.  P&J Live was selected to provide the vast majority of vaccinations to people in the city under-80 cohorts, both to maximise speed of delivery to the public and to minimise the logistical challenges involved in moving vaccines to multiple venues.  


The logistics and staffing arrangements for P&J Live are currently being finalised by NHS Grampian and the venue will commence as a mass vaccination centre on 1 February.  



The venue will have 14 vaccination stations in week one, each potentially capable of delivering up to 1,000 vaccinations a day, from 8am-8pm The venue, however, has the potential to grow to accommodate 120 vaccination stations and could operate 24 hours a day if required, subject to staffing resources and vaccine availability. 


All attendees will be notified by letter well in advance of their scheduled appointment. 

Arrive as close to your appointment time as possible and bring your appointment letter with you. 

The over-80s, care home residents, or people who are housebound will have their Covid-19 vaccinations delivered by GP practices or the community nursing team. 

All vaccination appointment letters will include a comprehensive list of transport options to help people get to P&J Live.  

Everyone in the under-80 cohorts will be invited to P&J Live in the first instance and will be encouraged to explore all of the available transport options to reach the venue.  

The vaccination programme is designed to match everyone’s needs but alternative arrangements will be put in place only in exceptional circumstances for people who cannot access P&J Live. 

Anyone needing to find out about public transport can go to the Traveline Scotland website, or call them on 0871 200 2233. Stagecoach (Jet 727) and First (X27) bus services operate through the event complex on a daily basis. 

For further information about getting to P&J Live please visit P&J Live website. If people need help to get to their appointment they can call THInC on 01467 536111 or email travel@thinc-hub.org  for advice and support. 

Attending the appointment is classified as essential travel, so people can car-share with a friend or relative if required. If they do car-share, they must remember to wash their hands thoroughly before and after the journey, maintain safe distances, wear a facemask and keep the car windows open. 

If travelling by car, people should enter via Dyce Drive or via the A96 (southbound only) as all other entry points are bus gates. Once on the event complex, people should follow the directional signage to the free parking areas. Disabled parking is available in the underground car park. 

Further information is available at P&J Live website.

Please enter the event complex on your own unless you require the assistance of a carer. Face coverings will be required unless exempt. Once inside, please follow directions and maintain social distance. 

Anyone attending a vaccination appointment at P&J Live, that have mobility concerns, will be given support.  Individuals can be dropped off at the entrance within the underground car park.  There are wheelchairs available at this entrance and access to a lift immediately as you come into the building.  The vaccination hall is located a distance away from the lift so we would recommend anyone with mobility concerns accesses one of these wheelchairs.  If you have no-one to support you we will arrange a healthcare support worker to assist you during their appointment and bring you safely back to the car.

There will be no outdoor queuing and any short wait to be attended to will happen inside the building. 

To assist in this, people invited to P&J Live will be told in their appointment letter to arrive as close to their appointment time as possible and bring their appointment letter with them. 

You should be seen on time.  The aim is for appointments to last around 10 minutes. Please wear practical clothing so it’s easy to access your upper arm. Let the member of staff know if you have any concerns or fears relating to needles.  They will provide you with the support and guidance you need. You may in addition be asked to wait up to 15 minutes before leaving after your vaccination.

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