The outdoor area in question must be licensed for on-sales consumption. Ideally this will be part of the Premises Licence of the bar or restaurant. If the area is not currently part of a Premises Licence the primary mechanism is a variation of the licence to incorporate the area.

If the outdoor area is intended to be used as a temporary measure in light of Phase 2 of the easing of the Covid-19 lockdown the Licensing Board will accept applications for Occasional Licences, which will enable bars and restaurants to use outdoor areas once the Occasional Licences have been granted.

No. This may result in a breach of the Council’s By-Law on consuming alcohol in public. As stated above, any outdoor area must be licensed for on-sales consumption.

The area can be used in Phase 2 under the conditions of the Premises Licence. It is recommended however that the licence holder prepares written procedures for adhering to physical distancing and hygiene requirements.

If the outdoor area is on the public road or public footpath then a Street Occupation Permit may be required. Similarly planning permission may also be required. As part of the application process for Occasional Licences we will provide our Street Occupation and Planning teams with copies of the applications and they will be able to advise if any other permissions are required.

To enable applications to be processed we are requesting submission by email to .

Online versions of the application forms can be found at:

And payment can be made online via this link:

Please note: We are currently unable to receive mail therefore paper applications should not be posted to us at this time. We will accept photographs of a completed application form if the applicant is unable to scan the form, although the photographs must be legible.

You should provide as much detail as possible, including additional details on procedures for complying with the Scottish Government guidance on social distancing and hygiene requirements. Further information can be found in the Guide For Businesses.

Phase 2 only permits the use of outdoor spaces, so any marquee or gazebo requires to be open sided. Any structure which results in an enclosed environment cannot be used during Phase 2. Advice should be sought from the Council’s Building Standards department as to whether any structure requires a Building Warrant.

The person in charge of the market must have a market operator’s licence

Permission may also be required from Environmental Health if food is to be sold, and an Occasional Licence would be required for each stall that wants to sell alcohol.

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