Free sanitary products

To ensure that our female secondary school pupils do not go without sanitary products we have arranged for a £5 voucher to be included along with free school meal vouchers every 4 weeks up until the summer holidays.

 Payment details  

  • 15 May - £30 voucher (£25 food voucher plus additional £5 for sanitary products) 
  • 29 May - £25 voucher  
  • 12 June - £30 voucher 
  • 26 June - £25 voucher 

Help for those who don’t receive free school meals

Unfortunately, this voucher payment will not provide access to free sanitary products for everyone who needs them.  If you are a school pupil and you don’t receive free school meals or you are a family member of a school pupil and need access to free sanitary products, CFINE can help. Find out more about how you can access free sanitary items.

CFINE will arrange delivery within 5 working days.  

Anyone else who doesn’t have children in school can e-mail CFINE call our Crisis Support Line on 0800 034 713 for assistance.

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