Coronavirus: Notice of direction

Local authority may give a direction if the authority considers that both of the following conditions are met:

  • that the direction is necessary for the purpose of preventing, protecting against, controlling or providing a public health response to the incidence or spread of infection by coronavirus in the local authority’s area
  • that the prohibitions, requirements or restrictions imposed by the direction are a proportionate means of achieving that purpose

In very simple terms this means there must be a clear coronavirus-related public health issue which it is necessary for the direction to address in a proportionate way.

The Regulations give local authorities the power to make direction relating to individual premises (regulation 5); direction relating to events (regulation 6); and directions relating to public outdoor spaces (regulation 7). Where a local authority gives a direction relating to a public outdoor space, it must take all reasonable steps to prevent or restrict access to the place in accordance with the direction.

For more information on Coronavirus: local authority directions please visit the Scottish Government website

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