Childcare support for key workers

A number of childcare places are being made available for key workers.

For further information, contact the Education Support Team at

Places are being given to those listed as key workers in the Scottish Government guidance and continually reviewed: 

  • Category 1 – Health and Care workers directly supporting COVID response, and associated staff; Health and Care workers supporting life threatening emergency work, as well as critical primary and community care provision; Energy suppliers (small numbers identified as top priority already); staff providing childcare/learning for other category 1 staff.
  • Category 2 – All other Health and Care workers, and wider public sector workers providing emergency/critical welfare services (for example: fire, police, prisons, social workers), as well as those supporting our Critical National Infrastructure, without whom serious damage to the welfare of the people of Scotland could be caused.
  • Category 3 – All workers (private, public or third sector) without whom there could be a significant impact on Scotland (but where the response to COVID-19, or the ability to perform essential tasks to keep the country running, would not be severely compromised).

Please note: the Scottish Government has set the priorities and we would ask that only those falling into the key worker category, as defined above, apply for support at this stage.

To apply please register at where you can

  • Add relevant child information and care requirements for more than one child.
  • Find and view a pre-filtered list of Childcare Providers near to home and work.
  • View spaces available from each Childcare Provider to match to Parent requirements.

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