Advice for unpaid carers

Anyone providing regular support to a vulnerable friend or relative will want to do what they can to protect their own health and that of those they look after during the coronavirus outbreak.
Like everyone, unpaid carers and people being cared for should familiarise themselves with the public health advice on how to protect themselves from infection. As the situation is changing quickly, the guidance may also change, so carers should therefore check regularly to make sure they are following the latest guidance at: NHS Inform

See NHS 24 for advice on coronavirus symptoms; precautions to take; and what to do if you think you may have become ill with coronavirus.

Information and advice for adult carers in Aberdeen, including adult carers with enhanced needs, for example a complex situation with the cared for person, is available from:

Quarriers, Quarriers website, email, or via telephone 01224 914036

Carers who do not already have an emergency plan in place may also want to talk with family and friends about who could take over their caring role if they become ill or need to self-isolate – particularly while social work services are under additional pressure during the coronavirus outbreak. It will also be important to make sure you have key information about the person you care for easily available so that anyone taking over care has all the information they need.
Where carers and family and friends are unable to provide essential care for someone, they should contact Duty Social Work via email, or telephone 01224 522055, or 0800 731 5520 out of hours.

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