Aberdeen Community Health & Care Village – update on services

Open for business – your NHS is here for you

The National Health Service is open to all, and people shouldn't hesitate to use our services.

Many of these services have new arrangements in place to adapt to the current coronavirus pandemic – but people who are unwell or have concerning symptoms should still contact the service they need.

Advice on many common concerns, including when and how people in Scotland should visit their GP or call 111, is available at NHS Inform 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We want to stress that our NHS is still here to help everyone. It is important that people seek help and’ when they need to, contact their GP or if it is out of hours NHS 24.

Here are details of the temporary new arrangements in place for many of our key primary care services:

Staff have relocated to Ashgrove House, Foresterhill site, ARI, tel 01224 553946.

No patients are being seen at Ashgrove House and no groups are currently running. The service is following up patients by telephone and email.

Routine dental treatments at the Health Village have been suspended. For dental emergencies within working hours (8am-6pm), please phone 0345 45 65 990. Outwith normal hours, please phone NHS24 on 111.

All of our clinics and community services are currently reduced to provide essential services only.

If your condition worsens and you need to contact any of these services urgently, the contact details are below – please note that in most cases we will provide a
consultation and give advice over the phone or through a video consultation and only in essential cases will we arrange a face-to-face appointment. If you are not able to speak to someone immediately when you call, please leave a message and we will call you back.

Further support to manage your condition is available at NHS inform.


Please call 01224 655777 or email nhsg.communitydietetics@nhs.net

Find out information about about a range of dietary conditions. 

All patients who are receiving enteral tube feeding will be sent a separate letter with details of who to contact in an emergency.

Occupational Therapy

Please contact the service if your ability to manage your daily living activities deteriorates and you need advice or support to help with this.

01224 558324 or email nhsg.sap@nhs.net


Please call 0345 099 0200 or email nhsg.aberdeenoutpatientphysio@nhs.net for returning patients.

For new referrals please contact 01224 553333 or email nhsg.mskreferralcentre@nhs.net

Further information is available on NHS Inform.  

Back pain resources

Back School Presentation

Ante natal/post-natal resources

Community Physiotherapy

Current patients should call 01224 558399

News patients/self referrals shoudld call 01224 558324  or email nhsg.sap@nhs.net


Please contact 07976 557945 or email nhsg.podiatry@nhs.net

To help manage your personal footcare please read the following information:

If you are a diabetic or have poor circulation which can put you at risk of developing a foot ulcer then please check your feet daily. If you discover any breaks in the skin, minor cuts or blisters, cover the area with a sterile dressing. Do not burst blisters. Contact the podiatry department on the number above urgently for advice.

Speech and Language Therapy

Adult Service: 01224 558377 or email nhsg.citysltadults@nhs.net

Children’s Service: 01224 310582 

Speech and Language Resources 


The Communication Trust

The Hanen Centre

Tiny Happy People


GPs and their practice teams are open as usual but are operating a triage system using telephone and video appointments. Please do not ignore any new or concerning symptoms. GPs are available to discuss all of your concerns as usual. All queries relating to possible Covid-19 symptoms should be directed to NHS24 on 111.

Please be assured that your health visiting service is still here and working hard to continue to support you and your family. Please continue to contact your named Health Visitor via the telephone contact you have been given If you need any advice or support and someone will return your call.

Changes to the way we support you and your family mean that we currently have fewer face-to-face visits, post-midwife discharge visits and 6-8 week age visits. We can, however, use a variety of technological ways to see you and your baby to continue supporting you. If a face-to-face is assessed as required, we will of course do this.

During visits we will follow current Health Protection Scotland guidance and wear appropriate protective equipment to ensure we are protecting you and your child.

A very important role parents can play is continuing to bring children for immunisations to ensure they are protected from other diseases. Find out more about immunisations.

The service can be contacted at nhsg.cityhealthvisitors@nhs.net

In line with Government guidance, all optometry practices are closed. If you have an emergency eyecare problem during normal working hours you should phone your regular optometrist (optician) who will be able to give you advice over the phone. If you do not have a regular optometrist you can call any optometrist. They will contact your nearest Emergency Eyecare Treatment Centre.  If they feel that your problem is sufficiently serious and you need to be seen.

If you have an emergency eyecare problem outside normal working hours you should phone NHS 24 on 111, except between 10am-3.00pm on Sundays when you should phone 07851506138.

There are no appointments at the Health Village. All services have been reduced. More information will be published as soon as possible.

GP referrals are still being accepted – however none will be taken from the waiting list until further notice. Clinicians are still offering their active caseload telephone or video appointments. Clinicians are also dedicating other available time to the Grampian Psychological Resilience Hub.

For immediate help patients should phone their GP or NHS 24, tel 111.

Beating the Blues is an online Computerised Cognitive Therapy (cCBT) programme, suitable for persons suffering mild to moderate depression. It is open for referrals as usual via your GP and now also from a referral via the NHS Grampian Psychological Resilience Hub

The number of cCBT programmes available for referral has now been expanded to the following: Space from Covid-19, Space from Health Anxiety, and Space from Social Anxiety.

We also now have more programmes available for referrals for people suffering from mental health issues related to the following long-term conditions: chronic pain, diabetes, coronary heart disease, lung conditions and rheumatoid arthritis.

If you need further information on any of the above please contact Paul Toseland, cCBT/ Beating the Blues Coordinator, NHS Grampian. Email at grampian.btb@nhs.net

School nurses continue to support families and individual children, despite schools being currently closed. They liaise with education and social work colleagues and can, where required, come and visit at home following Health Protection Scotland guidance for protection.

Our Community and Primary Care patients need to remember that their ongoing and emerging health needs are still of the utmost importance to us all throughout this pandemic. Patients should be accessing their GP and Community Nursing staff for support and advice whenever they need it, regardless of how trivial they think it may be. We do not want patients to feel any more isolated and vulnerable than they already do.

Please contact nhsg.schoolnursing@nhs.net

Grampian Sexual Health Services has moved temporarily to the Foresterhill campus.

We encourage the public to access our service if needed as we are still open and providing care.

We are still contactable on 0345 337 99 00 to discuss any pregnancy, contraceptive, STI or HIV/BBV concerns, or if you have been a victim of sexual assault. Unplanned pregnancy advice is available on 01224 655535. Patients can call us directly or via their care provider.

There is no walk-in service but we are able to offer telephone or virtual consultations with our nurses and clinicians. We can then assess and plan care and arrange for any face-to-face care, testing or treatment if needed. We are also able to arrange testing and treatment where applicable with a click & collect medication or delivery service.
Patients should contact 0345 337 9900. Professional advice helpline is 01224 655525 or email nhsg.gshhealthadvisers@nhs.net

Further help and support is at the following links:
Information about contraception, unplanned pregnancy care and other services 
HIV support
Sexual assault
Information on safer sex & STI’s

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