Sponsorship of roundabouts

We currently offer roundabout sponsorship. This allows local and national businesses to demonstrate their commitment to supporting the local community while providing a cost effective way to raise your company's profile and promote your business.

We offer roundabout sponsorship on yearly contracts and the cost is based on the location and traffic flow. We currently have 55 roundabouts throughout the city.

What are the benefits?

  • Your advert will be there 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  • One type of business per roundabout to ensure you are not next to your main competitor.
  • Sponsorship of a roundabout means you have a unique opportunity to engage with people while they're on the move.
  • Drive people to your website or location.
  • Outdoor advertising has been around for a long time, meaning that you will be using tried and tested methods of communication with your customers.
  • Show your commitment to improving the local community.
  • Stand out from your competitors.

Roundabout sites currently available

Site 1C - Wellington Road/Queen Elizabeth Bridge East
Site 2 - Beach Esplanade (Beach Ballroom)
Site 3 - Commerce Street/East North Street
Site 4 - Mounthooly
Site 5b - Great Southern Road/George VI Bridge South
Site 6 - Wellington Road/Souterhead Road
Site 7 - St Machar Drive/King Street
Site 8 - Ellon Road/North Donside Road
Site 9 - Parkway East/AECC
Site 10 - St Machar Drive/Great Northern Road
Site 12 – Westburn Drive/Cairncry Drive/Hilton Street
Site 13 - Wellington Road/Hareness Road
Site 15c - Queen's Road/Hazlehead (King's Gate)
Site 17 - Forest Avenue/Cromwell Road
Site 18 - Riverview Drive/Victoria Street South
Site 21 - S90 south Anderson Drive/Broomhill Road
Site 22 - A90 Anderson Drive/Cromwell Road
Site 24 - Skene Square/Maberley Street
Site 26 – North Anderson Drive/Provost Rust Drive
Site 27 - North Anderson Drive/Haudigan
Site 28 - A90 Mugiemoss Road/Persely Bridge
Site 29 - A90 Parkway/Laurel Drive
Site 30 - A90 Parkway/Whitestripes Avenue
Site 31 - A90 Parkway/Scotstown Road
Site 32 - A90 Parkway/Ellon Road
Site 37 - Riverview Drive/Victoria Drive (North)
Site 40 - Garthdee at Asda
Site 41 - Garthdee at B&Q
Site 42 - Farburn Terrace at Wellheads Drive 
Site 44 - West Tullos Road/Abbotswell Road
Site 45 - Souterhead Road/Crawpeel Road
Site 46 - Hareness Road/Crawpeel Road
Site 47 - Foresterhill Road/Cornhill Drive
Site 48 - Links Road/Wellington Street
Site 50 - Cairngorm Road/Faulds Gate
Site 52 - Hareness Road/Minto Road 
Site 54 - Clinterty/A96 Blackburn

Please contact us to discuss costs/budgets for the sites listed above.
Prices include production and installation of sponsor's panels.

If you would like more information please contact:

Brenda Smith
Advertising and Administration Officer

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