Progress Through Positive Partnerships

Looking for work, new skills, opportunities, new friends?

If you want to build your confidence and develop new skills then the Progress Through Positive Partnerships project is for you.

Aberdeen City Council is working to help city residents facing a range of difficulties to improve their lives and job prospects, helping to develop confidence and new skills, as well as find work, education, training and volunteering opportunities.

If you join the project our team will work with you to develop your own action plan. Your plan will focus on your personal development and the training you need to take the next step towards work, education or volunteering.

A key worker will support you along the way as you receive training to develop job applications, interview, presentation and job seeking skills, as well as providing information about training and volunteering opportunities.

The Council will work with a broad range of training providers and support agencies to make sure there are options to suit everyone. When you are ready you will be encouraged and supported to go on work placements and find a job.

This £2.2 million project has received £880,000 of funding from the European Structural Fund.

Aberdeen is changing with many projects taking place all over the city; we want to make sure everyone sees the benefits as we aim to improve the quality of life for those living in Aberdeen. The city will see benefits from the project as it will lower the number of people unemployed, providing the city with a skilled workforce whilst allowing citizens to reach their full potential.

In April 2017, Aberdeen charity Pathway Services carried out a series of audits across the city’s regeneration areas to identify people who may be eligible to take part in the project and to build a clear picture of issues affecting them. Follow up audits will be conducted in 2018.

Take first steps towards a new start

  • Learn new skills and activities
  • Develop your personal action plan
  • Meet new friends
  • Train for a job you want
  • Get a foot on the ladder
  • Build your confidence
  • Develop your personal action plan
  • Try new things
  • Get paid what you're worth

The project is for people aged 16 and up who are facing challenges which may be holding them back in life. People who can take part include:

  • Unemployed
  • Those in low-paid employment
  • Clients in recovery
  • Women returners
  • Care leavers
  • Those for whom English is not their first language
  • Ethnic Minorities
  • Those with long term health issues
  • Disabilities
  • Alcohol or drug misuse issues
  • Ex-offenders

Workers in the retail, care, security and service sectors employed on zero hours contracts or who are underemployed and who wish to secure additional hours or more stable employment may also qualify for the project.

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