Lottery registration

The Licensing Board is responsible of registering societies who wish to operate lotteries.

The Registration Fee is currently £40 and the Annual Fee payable is currently £20.

Society lotteries are those promoted on behalf of a society which is established and conducted for charitable purposes;

  • for the purpose of enabling participation in, or supporting of, sport, athletics or
  • a cultural activity; or
  • for any other non-commercial purpose other than that of private gain.

It is not permissible to establish a society whose sole purpose is to facilitate lotteries- it must have some other purpose.

The promoting society of a small society lottery must, throughout the period during which the lottery is promoted, be registered with the Licensing Board for the area in which the principal premises of the society are situated. 

Please read the Guidance note provided for further information. 

The application form can be downloaded, completed and returned along with the appropriate fee to the Licensing Section.

For advice or to submit an application, contact the Licensing team

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