EU funding and projects

The following European-funded projects evidence a commitment to European engagement if not only through the resources dedicated to them. They highlight the strength of networks and contacts that are held across the European regions and the importance with which their common goals are esteemed by participants. These programmes offer a platform for Aberdeen to share its expertise in certain areas and to learn from some of the European leaders in others.

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) seeks to influence economic challenges in order to address and help meet the ambitious targets outlined in the European Commission's 2020 Strategy for Growth. European Regional Development Funding funds the territorial co-operation programmes, more commonly known as INTERREG. Trans-national co-operation is one of the core objectives of the European Union and the INTERREG programmes (of which Aberdeen is eligible for the North West Europe and the North Sea Region programmes) provide excellent opportunities for seeking solutions to shared problems.

In the European Territorial Co-operation programme the emphasis is on stimulating transnational co-operation in ways that provide tangible benefits to the areas concerned and the region as a whole. The project partnerships are particularly valuable in that they bring together regional and national stakeholders including technical officers and politicians. The group can share and transfer ideas and examples of best practice and learn from each others' experiences - both positive and negative. The partner regions all contribute to a broader, transnational approach that can also be adopted by other regions in the area.

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Laura Paterson, External Funding and Policy Officer - 01224 523082

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