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Aberdeen City Archives holds records for the following city cemeteries:

Town House

  • Grove Cemetery (1897-1983)
  • John Knox Churchyard (1837-1894)
  • Nellfield Cemetery (c. 1834-1941)
  • Nigg Cemetery (1878-1923)
  • Old Machar Churchyard (1863-1950)
  • St. Clement's Churchyard (1855-1927)
  • St. Nicholas Churchyard (1824-c. 1965)
  • Spital Churchyard/St. Peter's Cemetery (1769-1972)
  • Trinity Cemetery (c. 1882-1940)
  • Miscellaneous Records relating to burials and cemeteries (c. 1913-1980)

Old Aberdeen House

Allenvale Cemetery (1875-1966) - Lair Purchase Registers only. Searches of these records can be carried out by a member of the City Archives staff if a name and date of death is provided. Searching is subject to our charging policy of £7.50 for 15 minutes, and any time spent after this will be charged at £30 per hour, or part thereof. (This policy is currently under review). The records are chronological and not indexed alphabetically. Not all of the volumes we hold are burial registers and the content within can vary from volume to volume. A full list of the volumes and a summary of their content is available on request.

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