Memorial facilities

The following memorial facilities are available to help you remember your loved one:

  • An entry in the Book of Remembrance. Books of Remembrance are displayed in the Hall of Remembrance and at Aberdeen Crematorium.
  • Memorial cards and miniature books which are copies of the entry in the Book of Remembrance.
  • A lair in a cemetery to inter cremated remains.
  • Granite plaques displayed in the memorial chapel or garden at Aberdeen Crematorium
  • A memorial bench in a cemetery. 

Please download the leaflet below for more information about the memorial facilities that are available:


Book of Remembrance Charges effective until 31 March 2019 (includes VAT where appropriate)
Charge per line £19.50
2 line entry (minimum) £39
3 line entry £58.50
4 line entry £78
5 line entry (minimum for motif) £97.50
6 line entry £117
7 line entry £136
8 line entry (maximum) £156
Illustrated motif [5 line entry or more required] £57.50
Memorial Cards
Charge per line £12.50
Illustrated motif £53
Miniature Books
As Book of Remembrance entry  £86
Additional lines £12.75
Illustrated motif £53
Memorial Plaques
Wall Plaques - 10 years £350
Wall Plaques - 20 years £465
Renewal of Lease for 10 years £125
Renewal of Lease for 20 years 


Additional Inscription £70
Cremated Remains Interments
Purchase of Cremation Casket Lair Rights £395
Interment of Cremation Casket or Ashes £136
2nd casket interment extra 50% of
appropriate fee
Interment of Double Cremation Casket £170
Memorial Benches (within a cemetery) £1200

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