Cremation charges

The cremation charge includes:

  • A container for the cremated remains
  • Scattering of ashes at either Kaimhill or Hazlehead Gardens of Remembrance
Description Charges effective until 31 March 2019
Cremation - with chapel service  £693
Cremation - no chapel service £653 (standard charge)
(reduced charge during Aberdeen Crematorium refurbishment)
Cremation of any person whose age at the time of death was less than 16 years or a stillborn child No charge
Optional Services
Storage of urn containing ashes pending final arrangements – no charge for the first month, the charge for second or subsequent months or part month £95
Dispersal of ashes from other crematoria £84
Use of chapel for a service only, please contact Bereavement Services on 03000 200 292 for details and costs from £100

Note that unless shown, all items are exempt from Value Added Tax

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