Burial grounds

Aberdeen City Council is responsible for 17 cemeteries in Aberdeen.

There is a 'babies section' at Hazlehead Cemetery for use of bereaved parents who have had stillborn or neonatal babies. Memorials for this section have been developed in consultation with SANDS.

The Jewish and Muslim religions have burial sections in Grove and Hazelhead Cemeteries respectively.

You can get plans of the cemeteries from Bereavement Services.

Consultation on proposed cemeteries and burial ground management rules

We are updating the management rules for the regulation of cemeteries and burial grounds that are owned, occupied or managed by Aberdeen City Council.

You can download copies of the current management rules and the proposed new management rules below:

We have prepared a document which summarises the changes being proposed:

You can also download the following document for more information:

Please send any comments or objections to the address below no later than 29 October 2018:
Environmental Manager
Altens East Recycling & Resources Facility
Hareness Place
Altens Industrial Estate
AB12 3GX


New burial ground is available at Dyce (which is the only cemetery in Aberdeen where ground can be purchased outright for future use). Lairs in Newhills and Hazlehead can only be bought as and when required for immediate use or a burial lair can be reserved for 10 year periods by paying £100 then £100 every 10 years thereafter until the grave is to be used. At that point the amount you have already paid is deducted from the price of a lair at that time.

You do not own the land when you buy a lair. What you have bought is 'Right of Burial' within the lair.

Depending on ground conditions, graves can accommodate up to three coffin interments plus up to six sets of cremated remains. We need to know lair section and number, lairholders name, or dates of previous interments in the lair to establish if there is room in the grave for further burials.

Casket ground (for the interment of cremated remains) is also available in these cemeteries on a when needed basis.

Lairs can be sold back to the council or transferred to another person.  Contact Bereavement Services for more information. If a lair has not been used or transferred to another family member after 100 years the council can terminate the exclusive right of burial after appropriate checks and measures have been carried out.

Cremated remains lairs

Cremated remains in a casket can be interred in lairs which are available in several of Aberdeen City Council's cemeteries. Each of these lairs can accommodate up to two caskets. If a memorial headstone is required for the lair then it should be purchased from a monumental mason.


All headstones, memorials and inscriptions must be authorised by the council in advance. There is no requirement for a headstone or memorial to be erected. This is a matter of choice for the family or executors.

Memorial benches in parks and cemeteries can be arranged.

Contact Bereavement Services for more information.

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