Burials and cremations

Following a death in the family, the first contact is normally with a funeral director. They will then make all the necessary arrangements with the Bereavement Services team on your behalf for a burial in one of the local cemeteries or a cremation service at Aberdeen Crematorium.


Burial lairs are available at Dyce, Newhills and Hazlehead Cemeteries. It is possible to reserve a burial lair for future use at Hazlehead and Newhills Cemeteries.

There is a 'babies section' at Hazlehead Cemetery for use of bereaved parents who have had stillborn or neonatal babies. Memorials for this section have been developed in consultation with SANDS. 

The Jewish and Muslim religions have burial sections in Grove and Hazelhead Cemeteries respectively.

See burial charges page for details.


Refurbishment of Aberdeen Crematorium 

Aberdeen Crematorium is being refurbished, so the chapels will be closed to the public from June until October 2018. Find out more about how you can make alternative arrangements for funeral services during this time.

Aberdeen Crematorium is situated in a tranquil woodland location off the B9119, Skene Road in the Hazlehead area about 4 miles west of the city centre.

See cremation charges page for details.


Exhumations are very rarely carried out and require a Sheriff’s warrant. The sheriff has to be satisfied that the request is justifiable before a warrant may be granted.

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