Baby naming ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a very special way of celebrating your child and welcoming the new arrival into the family and community. It allows you to make special promises to your child. The child or children can be of any age and ceremonies are not just for babies.

A naming ceremony is an occasion for everyone to feel involved as they pledge support for your child’s future development. Share the day with family and friends and make it a day to remember throughout your child’s life – the day you promised to support and commit yourself to their upbringing. There are many ways to make your child's ceremony a very personal and unique event. A naming ceremony has no legal status, it is simply something that you, as parents, choose to do as a public gesture of love and commitment to your child.

A naming ceremony must not be confused with birth registration, which all parents have to do as a legal requirement.  Naming ceremonies, and any written record of the event, cannot be used for identification purposes, neither are they legally binding on those who participate

Any parent or legal guardian of a child can arrange a naming ceremony and parents do not need to be married in order to organise a ceremony.

The ceremony would comprise of:

  • introduction and welcome
  • short reading
  • formal naming of the child(ren)
  • parents' promises
  • promises by supporting adults
  • closing words

The ceremony can be held in Marischal College or at any venue agreed between the couple, Senior Registrar and venue owner.

For further information, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

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