Place Based Investment Programme Fund

The 2020-21 Programme for Government announced the creation of a Place Based Investment Programme Fund with £275million of capital funding to support community led regeneration, town centre revitalisation, community wealth building and 20 minute neighbourhoods. It is a multi-annual capital fund with the Scottish Government distributing £38 million this financial year to local government, of which £975,000 was allocated to Aberdeen City Council. £545,000 remains available for allocation to projects this financial year.

The Grant is to be used in the financial year 2021/22 and is solely for capital expenditure. It is essential that expenditure will be met, or at least work or contracts signed or commenced by 31 March 2022.

How to apply

Please complete the application form and email to no later than Sunday 26 September 2021. Late proposals will not be accepted.

Application form 

Application guidance notes

If you have any queries about the application process, please email

Assessment of applications

Aberdeen City Council will produce a shortlist of eligible projects by considering bids which respond to a need identified in the guidance, do not duplicate existing national or local provision and will be delivered by a legally constituted organisation that can receive public funds. It is expected that all bids will demonstrate how they support the implementation of the Local Outcome Improvement Plan.


26 September 2021 - Application submission deadline (late submissions will be rejected)

3 November 2021 - City Growth & Resources Committee decide on allocation of funds

4 November 2021 - Applicants will be notified, and grant agreements issued

It is advised all applicants read through the place based investment programme guidance prior to completing and submitting the application.


  • To link and align place-based initiatives and establish a coherent local framework to implement the Place Principle
  • To support place policy ambitions such as town centre revitalisation, community led regeneration, 20 minute neighbourhoods and Community Wealth Building
  • To ensure that all place-based investments are shaped by the needs and aspirations of local communities
  • To accelerate ambitions for net zero, wellbeing and inclusive economic development, tackling inequality and disadvantage, community involvement and ownership

What is place?

Place principle is where people, location and resources combine to create a sense of identity and purpose, and is at the heart of addressing the needs and realising the full potential of communities. 

What is 20 minute neighbourhood?

A neighbourhood location where people can access most of their basic needs within a 20-minute walk.

What is community wealth building?

It aims to tackle the challenges of rising inequality by placing a greater degree of control and wealth into the hands of local people, communities, businesses and organisations.

What is community led regeneration?

It puts civic leaders, residents, local businesses and civil society organisations in the driving seat for the regeneration of their area, strengthen their local economy, and improve their opportunities.

What is town centre revitalisation?

Town centre regeneration is a holistic process of reversing economic, social and physical decay where it has reached a stage in a particular town centre when market forces alone will not be sufficient to tackle the problems identified.

Understanding Scottish Places (USP): a unique and dynamic online tool which shows how every town in Scotland with a population of 1,000 or more is interacting with its surrounding settlements and performing against a range of indicators and inter/dependency relationships. 

Place Standard: a framework designed to support communities, public, private and third sectors to work efficiently together to assess the quality of a place. A new web-resource on place-based working is in development and will contain on-line resources, case studies and toolkits to support place-based working and 20 Minute Neighbourhoods. 

USP Your Town Audit: add to USP a six-day study which provides the standard benchmark for measuring the health of a Scottish town.  

Town Centre Toolkit: guidance on designing and planning town centres to be attractive, accessible and active, focusing on urban design, quality, sustainability and use of town assets. 

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