Local business rates relief scheme

Qualification criteria

Properties which have seen an increase in business rates since being revalued in April 2017 may apply for local business rates relief to limit the increase they have to pay. Local rates relief does not apply to hospitality or office properties, they may qualify for Transitional Relief instead.

What relief is available

The local rates relief scheme is for one year only (2017 to 2018) and the amount of relief awarded, if applicable, restricts any increase to 12.5 percent in real terms on the new rates charge up to a maximum award per property:

  • Full relief will be applied on any real term increase on Rateable Values below £60,001
  • Relief on Rateable Values above £60,000 will receive up to a maximum of £3,500

Relief is not automatic and applications must be made to receive it. Aberdeen City Council will then determine if you are eligible for relief and if this is awarded, a revised business rates bill will be issued.

How to apply

Download an application form and supply evidence as specified on the form.


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