Stress reduction & Emotional balance with Dr Chnanis


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This class is suitable for everyone. You will have a chance to explore your body & mind, discover your negative-positive emotional balance, and learn how to take care of stress and negative emotions in your daily life. Either you are quite stressful or just would like a time-out for yourself; this class will have something for you.

The class will provide a range of tools that you will be able to use to take care of yourself at home. We will practise together: mindful movements, positive psychological exercises, progressive relaxation & positive visualisation, which are effective methods to relieve stress and enhance positive emotions.

Perfect for an afternoon retreat for yourself, to take care of your emotional well-being. Limited spaces available!


The Sanctuary, Health, Creativity, Wellbeing
Howlands, Whitecairns, Aberdeen AB23 8UL


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Dr Chnanis K Ladha