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Sonic Arts Master Degree Show featuring four artists presenting their work over the last year. It includes sound works, audiovisual pieces, live performance and installations each pressing their own artistic ideas around sound. Better than it sounds.

Friday, 30 August 2019
First day

Saturday, 31 August 2019
Second day

Marta Noone
ALETHEIA - A sonic remembrance
Two persons from the audience will wear an EEG device so to generate soundscapes with their brainwaves.

Caitlin Knox
The project will explore the sonic possibilities through three different mediums of artistic presentation; this is to include Audio-visual, ambisonic/multichannel soundscape piece and a small-scale installation.

Merik Plus
s t o r e
A mixed-media ritual around flashbulb memories, information overload and popular sound as a neurological trigger in the collective unconscious. Number #1 hits to the amygdala.

Kirsten Urgancı

Marta NoOne:
ALETHEIA - A sonic remembrance
The aim of this project is to explore the possibilities inherent to the technology in being a means to explore our thoughts and feelings, and how we can interface with it without being absorbed and de-humanized, through the exploration of how words or geometrical shapes trigger different or similar brainwave patterns in 2 separate people at the same time, and see how this can create a harmonic sound composition or a disharmonic noise.
The final project is meant to be an installation with 2 persons wearing auto-built EEG devices, sitting in front of screens where will be projected words, geometrical shapes or simple mathematical formulas. Sometimes what appears on the screen will be the same for both screens, to see, or better listen, if at the same impulse corresponds the same reaction and so the same soundscape or not; sometimes will be different, with some kind of relation or no relation at all between the two topics on the screens, to see whether there will be a harmonic interaction or a chaotic one.
The EEGs raw data will be analyzed and processed by Processing or Python and sent to Pure Data via OSC, where will drive and modulate the generative music interface I will program in Pure Data. The video part will be made with TouchDesigner.
The different brainwaves (will be mostly Alpha, Beta and Theta) will trigger different aspects of the sonification engine: for example the more the brainwaves’ frequency rises, the more a granulation synthesis will be heard; the more relaxed, the more an ambient like soundscape will take place.

Caitlin Knox:
My project will explore the sonic possibilities through three different mediums of artistic presentation; this is to include Audio-visual, ambisonic/multichannel soundscape piece and a small-scale installation. These aspects will constitute a portfolio with a primary goal of an exploration of sonic material within perceived reality, with relation to digital and natural processes as they constitute Dasein.

The Audio-visual piece I want to curate and present, will be a further evolvement of the style I am already developing to display the dialect qualities of the visual field of perception and sonic realities. In my prior, works I have utilised the conceptual ideas of perceiving realities and being as experienced and lived as well as distorting them to suggest multiplicities of the visual image and captured soundscapes.


The Spatial Work I want to create will be a third-order ambisonic work, to be presented at a scheduled concert time. I want to base this work primarily on the perception of sound within space and time, which is of particular interest to my artistic discipline, drawing on the philosophies of Henri Bergson that memory is conceived in duration rather than simply stored in the brain and the interlinking of this perceived time with curved space, where sonic material travels through reflection, refraction and diffraction , which interacts with the subjective individual


The third element to my portfolio is a small installation based on the practice of sound design for film, primarily the work of Jack Foley. Foley coined the genre of sound design for film which is characterised by the addition of sound affects after the film has been edited, in my installation I will have users add sound into a curated film, thus experimenting with sound and creating their own little soundscape.


Butchart Recreation Centre
University of Aberdeen
University Rd
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