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Singing for the Terrified!


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3rd meetup of Singing for the Terrified and this time will be a rock theme

Also on the menu choir participation in VSA 's Sing, Sing, Sing concert at the Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen for the terrified still keen to sing on a stage with a lot of other people

"The power of music is hugely uplifting. We all know how good we feel when we listen to or sing along to our favourite music.

We want to emulate this feeling by encouraging colleagues, clients and friends to form a choir and get involved. The choir’s will be mentored in the workplace or venue agreed with your mentor to learn, rehearse and perfect two songs in a three month time frame before performing to a sell-out crowd at the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom during an evening hosted by Fiona Kennedy.

The launch will involve a short presentation and a singing workshop. By the end of our time together we will all be doing one of the things we love to do most – Sing!!
Singing daily for at least 10 minutes reduces stress, clears sinuses, improves posture and can help us live longer." (from… )

This is for those who sing in their cars like nobody's watching, those who were told to stop singing by their kids/ teacher/ spouse, those who watch BBC The Choir, those who would love to sing but believe they can't, those who can't read music and those who can, those who have a baby and think they can't come to a choir, those who breastfeed, those who bottlefeed, those who have anxiety and low mood, those who are happy. This is for the voices that want to be freed.

Free to attend, in John Lewis Discovery room!


John Lewis Aberdeen Discovery Room