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The Granite City Speakers Club is sending out an invitation for new members.

Do you fit the bill?

Do you

Feel panic if you are asked to speak out loud?

Feel too shy to put your point of view?

Want to improve your personal confidence and communication skills?

Need to speak as part of your job?

Have to speak at a function, such as make a wedding speech?

Have to face that job interview?

Need to speak at any social or business occasion?

Already have an interest in speaking?

Just feel you'd like to try it?

If the answer to any of these is 'YES' then why not come along and visit us?

What do we do?

The Club is open to everyone. It is a mutual self-help organisation where groups of people come together to help support each other to gain confidence and learn a valuable life skill while having some fun. Anyone who comes along and hopes to learn how to be an effective speaker and help others to be an effective speaker will be delighted with the outcome. That person will be given the opportunity, the support, the knowledge and the feedback in a relaxed friendly environment which is the most efficient way to become an effective speaker. Our system works because there is no substitute for experience gained by having a go, gaining feedback and absorbing experience by watching and listening to others.

How do we do it?

We use a ten-stage programme which provides a framework for the educational development of members. The programme gives advice on how to improve one's skills in public speaking from the earliest stage through to advanced performance. This programme has been proven to work over many years but is totally flexible and means that new members are able to move at a pace they find most suitable.

Our programme covers the following skills:

Making a Start – your first speech
Mean What You Say – speak with sincerity, conviction and persuasiveness
Speech Construction – master the art of arranging what you want to say in a logical and consistent manner
Use of Gestures – learn to use your hands, face and whole body to improve your effectiveness as a speaker
Use Your Voice – develop good voice modulation. The voice is a speakers most powerful weapon
Vocabulary and Word Pictures – emphasise your message by careful choice of vocabulary and word pictures
The Use of Notes – learn to write suitable notes that do not intrude or interrupt the flow of the speech
The Use of Humour – helps you to explore different types of humour, allowing you to develop a style that fits your character
Audience Rapport – what all speakers are aiming to achieve
Finally, “The Masterpiece” - this completes a speaker's basic training, demonstrating all the skills that have been developed along the way

You will also have the opportunity to learn the skills involved in chairing a meeting and impromptu speaking.

By joining you will take the first step on a great journey.

Few skills will impact on your life as positively as learning to speak in public.

How can I join?

Why not come along to one of our meetings at the Art Centre on King Street, Aberdeen. Our meetings are every 2 weeks on a Friday evening commencing at 7.45pm.

The meeting dates for 2019 are: 6th & 20th September, 4th & 18th October, 1st ,15th & 29th November and 13th December 2019.

The metting dates for 2020 are: 10th & 24th January, 7th & 21st February, 6th & 20th March, 3rd & 17th April 2020

Why not telephone Bob Gibb on 01224 780736 or Daniel Doherty on email ) for an informal chat, or just turn up at one of our meetings. You will be welcome to just sit and listen.


Aberdeen Arts Centre
33 King Street
AB24 5AA


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