Polish Scottish Folk Night


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Performance of 'Iona Fyfe Trio', 'S.H.A. Hanka Wojciak & Susanna Jara' and 'Bogdan Holownia'

This event is a part of 'Polish Scottish Mini Festival'

'Iona Fyfe Trio'
Iona Fyfe is an Aberdeenshire folksinger. Has become one of Scotland’s finest young ballad singers, rooted deeply in the singing traditions of the North East of Scotland. Scots Singer of the Year at MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards.

Iona has been described as “one of the best Scotland has to offer.” (Global-Music.de)

With a number of high profile appearances under her belt, Iona has spend 2018 performing in the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Canada.

A sell-out show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival for two consecutive years, Iona was a finalist in the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year and won the Molloy Award at Birmingham Irish Trad Fest. In 2018, Iona performed at Interceltique Festival De Lorient where she was described as “a Scottish folksinger, magical and charismatic”(Rolling Stone, France). She was nominated for “One to Watch” and “Best Live Performance” at the Sunday Herald Scottish Culture Awards 2018.
Her debut album Away From My Window was held to critical acclaim and received nationwide airplay on programmes such as BBC Radio 2 The Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 6 Gideon Coe, BBC Radio Scotland’s Travelling Folk, Take The Floor and BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal.
The album features fresh interpretations of ballads, self-penned and contemporary songs alike, whilst sampling source singers such as Lizzie Higgins and Stanley Robertson and remaining sympathetic to the song tradition of which Iona grew up around


'S.H.A. - Hanka Wójciak & Susanna Jara - feat. Jacek Dlugosz and Pawel Haranczyk'
Susanna Jara and Hanka Wójciak - vocalists and songwriters mutually fascinated by their work.In spring 2017 decided to join forces in an intercultural project singing together. They are leaders of their own formation, playing their concerts, recording their own albums. In S.H.A. they stand side by side and create a new quality.

S.H.A. – a form originates from a sense of belonging to a multi-coloured, complicated but common history of the Slavic cultural groups where artists originate. Hanka is a Highlander from Zakopane, speaks dialect in her family home. Susanna was born in Poczajów in Ukraine. She is fluent in Ukrainian, Rusyn and Lemko, which is why S.H.A. sings in several languages and dialects.

S.H.A. - these are own and traditional songs. Artists share what they love, with which they feel a deep bond. Singers share passion and inspirations, drawing from their Galician roots.

In S.H.A., as in the lens, reflects the value of cultural diversity, which is the basis for building a musical community in dialogue, is reflected. Co-sustained songs bring reverie, joy and hope, referring to diverse, but in many places common history of their Slavic cultural groups.

S.H.A. is a project which frequently invite other musicians involved in ethnic music: Agata Siemaszko, Miroslav Rajt, Paweł Harańczyk, Jacek Dlugosz, Szymon Piotrowski.

S.H.A. it's an experiment that was born of the need of the heart.


Bogdan Holownia
Bogdan Holownia is an established Polish jazz pianist. His style can be described as mainstream. His inspirations and masters with whom he played are: Billy Evans and Kenny Barro, Rayem Santisi, Jerzy Wasowski, Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski. He graduated in Torun with the secondary musical school and then started studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston in the class of professor Ray Santisi and Laszlo Gordony. He plays in ‘Los Angeles Trio’ in Torun and amongst his many international were the ones with Davy Clark, Skipp Hadden, George Zonc, Larry Kohut, Jeff Stitely, Bronkek Suchanek, Grażyna Auguścik, Jerzy Głod, Michał Urbaniaki and Urszula Dudziak. He won many accolades including Grand Prix Jazz "Melomani" in 2002 in the category of – ‘Artist of the Year’ – it is called a "Jazz Oscar" in the industry.Winner of Fryderyk 2001 (Polish Jazz Oscar) for the best solo jazz album ‘Don’t Ask Why’ and Grand Prix Jazz "Melomani" of 2002 in the category best artist of the year.



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