Plumbing the Depths of the Kimmeridge Clay with Dr Steve Etches MBE


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Although the Kimmeridge Clay is one of the most highly studied of the World’s hydrocarbon source rocks, over the past 100 years its macrofossils have been somewhat neglected. But 35 years ago, when Steve Etches first began collecting from the Late Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay, he soon realised that these strata had been underexplored, underrepresented and specimens had been poorly documented and recorded. His great journey began.

Steve’s talk focuses on the diversity of his collection: the stunning specimens, with many world firsts and specimens still undescribed, and their scientific importance. And, more importantly, the stories around the finds, their painstaking extraction and preparation, to reveal the secrets of these amazing fossils, how they lived, bred and died in the seas of Kimmeridge, 157 million years ago.


Copthorne Hotel Aberdeen
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Ticketed event: £20 standard and £5 for children under 16.

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