North Atlantic Fiddle Convention 2018


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The NAFCo 2018 programme will be our most ambitious yet for Aberdeen, including more than 150 events, featuring over 75 artists representing a variety of fiddle traditions from Scotland to the Baltic, throughout Scandinavia and down the continent to Spain, from Ireland to Canada and USA, as well as a few surprises as well.

We will also offer a huge range of workshops (instrumental and dance), including an array of fiddling styles and techniques, together with demonstrations and performances on related instruments including the cello, hardingfele (Norway), and nickleharpen (Sweden). Workshops will be appropriately challenging for all levels of players/dancers, while ‘In Conversation’ events will appeal to those who prefer to listen. There will also be film screenings, a photographic exhibition of fieldwork research, sessions, dances and so much more.

The Lemon Tree will once again be our Festival Hub and family friendly Festival Club, with events taking place around Aberdeen City Centre. We are also doubling our programming around Aberdeenshire – with concerts and workshops reaching from Arbuthnott to Braemar to Banff & MacDuff!

Scotland’s North-East stauns heid an shouders abuin maist o the warld fan it comes tae fiddle music. Fir three hunner years oor pairt o the earth his been blessit wi the mellifluous soons o this bonnie instrument, an North-Easters hiv been some o the best pleyers anaa.

Its fittin, then, that the best fiddle festival in the warld will tak place here, the natural hame o the fiddle, atween 11th an 15th July. The North Atlantic Fiddle Convention (NAFCo) is a get thegither o kenspeckle pleyers, dancers an academics fae the North-Atlantic seaboard, fa share a passion fir the music an culture o the fiddle.

NAFCo wis foondit in 2001 in Aiberdeen an his straivaiged the earth eince then, a moveable gaitherin pynt fir artists, academics, and enthusiasts. It braks doon the barriers atween practitioners o the art o fiddle an o dance an the academic fowk fa study it. It gies the pleyers a welcome chance tae get thegither, share tunes an crack an finn oot fit the fiddle is up tae in ither countries. The academic side gies a space far the best thinkers can share their thochts on the fiddle an relatit research an maks shair that Aiberdeen is on the cutting edge o baith music an academia.

Owre the five deys o festival we’ll hae great big an totty wee concerts, warkshops fir adults an bairns in fiddle an in dance, there’ll be academic discussions an debates, they’ll hae films doon at the picture hoose, informal gaitherins in howffs, nightclub an buskin sessions aboot the toon. It will, in short, be affa fine indeed.

The spiritual hame o NAFCo is, an aye his been, the Elphinstone Institute at the University o Aiberdeen. The foonder an current President o NAFCo is Emeritus Professor Ian Russell.


Lemon Tree is the central hub, but gigs and workshops will happen across the City and Shire


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