Ministry of Infinity


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The Ministry of Infinity is the ultimate social gathering.

This a party of strangers, whom by the end, will have made new friends. A fun new way to meet people.

Join us in this relaxed atmosphere for a guided virtual reality experience with virtualrealiTEA, each last up to 5minutes, The high scorer at the end of the night will win £150 in the beatsaber tournament

There will be a variety of social interactive entertainment; social games to board games to virtualrealitea guided experiences. All tickets also include entry into our beatsaber tournament if you choose to enter you will have 2x15mins of practice included into ticket price before the event takes place, to see if you make it into the final.

This event is to promote our crowdfunding campaign success & our event business.

Bring friends! Have a different type of staff night out!

Any quirieis please email

Book yourself a ticket NOW & reserve your guided virtualrealiTEA experience!

This is a perfect opportunity to experience what this startup is all about & experience VR in a different atmosphere!

Book Now! - On this link for the next 6 days.


Innoflate Bar,
1A Beach Esplanade, Aberdeen AB24 5NS