Learn Argentine Tango with Tango Aberdeen (Wednesdays only)




Our classes continue with Tango Foundation and Tango Dynamic so come along learn, refine and continue to love this beautiful social dance.

Tango Foundation Class 7.30-8.30. This class is for those wishing to build and consolidate the basics of Tango, build up your repertoire and concentrate on connecting with your partner and the music. We will cover such things as ochos, parradas, barridas and the all important Tango walk. It is suitable for beginners as well as those who have done our course and want to build on their knowledge and skills. 

Practice 8.30-8.45 

Tango Dynamic Class -8.45- 9.30 Come along and explore and refine your Tango. This is for those who are confident with the basics such as the Tango walk, ochos, giro and the cross and who want to add new elements to their dance. 

Lets dance 9.30-10.00 


St. Margarets Church Hall, Gallowgate, Aberdeen, AB25 1EA


£5 or £4 concession or £6, £5 pounds concession for both classes

Contact details

Laura Stewart